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Kid Friendly RV Screen Door Latch Mod

Having children around a RV can be a joy and a blessing. Other times it can be frustrating or even dangerous. Especially coming in and out of the RV.  Something about opening doors and using steps becomes more than some kids can handle. If you have smaller kids around your RV then you may have noticed that they cannot reach up and grab the door handle on the RV screen door latch from the ground. They are forced to walk up the exterior steps, reach up and grab the RV screen door latch, then prop the door open with their hand as they back off the steps so they can swing the door open and enter. Aside from the struggle they have, they also beat up the screens and doors over time.

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This handy RV mod from Cleon at is an astonishingly simple concept but also a very clever way to avoid children struggling with your RV screen door. The design is straightforward. Take a pair of custom RV screen door latches and install one at the traditional “adult” level then another near the bottom of the door where kids can easily reach from the ground. Secure them with the included hardware then connect them with steel cable (which you can grab at any hardware store) on the handle near the door frame so it doesn’t get in the way of little hands grabbing the handle.


Instead of steel cable you could probably also get away with speaker wire or some type of coated cable if your concerned about kids or pets getting scratched on the cable. Now you just have to be sure that your pooch doesn’t decide that the RV screen door latch is for them!

At about $30 in materials this is one of the cheaper and useful RV mods we have seen if you RV with children. What do you think? Have any other ideas on how to accommodate kids while RV’ing? Tell us about them in the comments below!

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