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Use RV Slide Out Seal Conditioner To Maintain Your Rubber Seals

RV slide out seal

Use RV Slide Out Seal Conditioner To Maintain Your Rubber Seals

Some RVers love the extra living space afforded by having slide-outs on their trailer or motorhome. Others regret their decision to buy an RV that has them.

Whether you’re happy with your slide outs—or you curse their existence—one way to keep water out (and prevent water damage) is to take care of your slide’s rubber seals.

RV slide out seal maintenance

Rubber barriers provide a waterproof seal that prevents rainwater or road splash from entering the top, sides, or bottom of your RV’s slide out.

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Thetford’s rubber seal lubricant prevents the rubber seals from cracking or deteriorating so they can do their job for longer.

As with anything rubber, sunlight is the enemy. The sun’s UV ray’s break down the rubber and destroys its ability to block water entry.

The mineral oil contents of this rubber seal lubricant reduce the chance of rubber breakdown, effectively protecting your slide-outs from being the weak link when fighting water intrusion.

RV slide out seal
Use RV slide out seal conditioner to maintain your RV

It sprays in a narrow beam with a white liquid that almost looks like foam but does not expand. It has the consistency of some oven cleaners. It’s “tacky” so it clings well on vertical surfaces and is easy to control in tight spaces. Good stuff!

You can also use it on door and window seals. Other manufacturers also make products designed specifically for RV’s rubber seals, including 3-In-One and 3X: Chemistry Seal Saver.

How to use slide out seal conditioner

RV slide out seal conditioner can be applied directly to the rubber seals on your rig. It’s best to give the rubber a good cleaning first, and wash away any debris or dirt that has accumulated.

You want to keep water out of your RV, no matter if your RV’s slide-outs are extended or retracted. The best way? Keeping rubber seals in good condition and well lubricated.

To service your slideout’s rubber seals do the following:

  • Clean the rubber seals with soap and water
  • Inspect for any cracking, gaps, tears or other damage to the seal
  • Apply the rubber seal conditioner
  • Don’t forget to apply the conditioner to all sides of the rubber seal (peel the seal back to access the underside)

Keep track of your RV maintenance

Keep track of all your RV maintenance with an online tool such as RV LIFE Maintenance. Not only can you keep all your maintenance records and documents in one place, you’ll receive timely reminders via email when maintenance is due and potentially avoid a costly repair or serious accident.