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RV Sofa Bed Storage Mod: 2011 Rockwood

Another great RV storage idea in this 2011 Rockwood 2304s. This RV sofa bed mod starts with the standard pull out sleeper sofa which many RV’ers have as part of the stock furniture allotment. Most of the RV sofa designs offer a generous yet difficult to reach storage area under the bed itself. Though surprising that this space isn’t exploited. A couple from the Forest River Forums. This RV mod is quite ingenious, yet also straightforward and quite simple in comparison to the added accessible storage area you can gain access to.


General Steps for the RV Sofa Bed Storage Mod:

  1. Front trim support piece was removed.
  2. The fabric was removed entirely.
  3. Cut the board in half making consideration for the additional width of the fabric in between the two ends.
  4. The fabric was cut into two pieces, then reattached to each of the newly cut front trim boards.
  5. The pre-finished boards with fabric were reattached to the RV sofa using T-brackets and using a spacer to ensure the installation was straight across the front of the RV sofa bed.
  6. A set of L brackets were used to keep the two swing out doors in line.




As you can see in the photos, this opens up a huge area for storage. Bins, Baskets, and other RV orgainzation items can easily be stowed and accessed with ease. Drawers could also be installed for a more permanent solution. Some RV’ers could fit cots, roll up mattresses, or sleeping bags as well. As coveted as space is inside a RV this is a no brain-er if you have the right variation of RV sofa bed.

You can see more information by visiting the source link below at the Forest River Forums.


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