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RV Storage Ideas: LoopIts – Stretch and Store by Quirky

This post was updated on March 15th, 2024

The search for RV storage ideas is probably a perpetual one for many of us. We will always have more stuff and look for clever ways to store that stuff but still make it accessible. Regardless of how organized and efficient we are with space there will always be underutilized areas around the RV. When we discovered this idea from (See more about Quirky below) it was clear this is something that almost any RV’er could make use of. If you cant tell, we love RV storage ideas and this one is called “LoopIts – Stretch and Store”. As you can see from the pictures it’s a very simple design and one that we wish we would have though of ourselves. LoopIts are customizable and expandable handy storage straps that stretch between two circular connection disks. They can secure to a surface with the use of screws or with adhesive.  This RV storage idea can hold more than you may think. If you look through the photo gallery you will see proof of the LoopIts performance to hold shampoo bottles, ketchup, toothbrushes, hair dryers, paint cans, etc. When it comes to RV storage ideas the products we use need to be durable. The good news is the Loopits use high grade rubber and plastic. That should make them useful around the RV and basement as well.


LoopIts RV Storage Ideas in Action:


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Invented by a wife and mother named Heather O’Donahoe from Altoona, WI. This idea doesn’t represent the typical “big business” profit machine but a stay at home mom who makes a little extra on the side trying to come up with neat ideas for her kids and their home. She certainly has a winner here. I hope you agree.

See the development process of LoopIts step by step. Its very interesting!

You can find RV storage ideas: LoopIts – Stretch and Store directly through


They have been featured in the Wall Street Journal,, Yahoo! News, and Business Week among others. The process of idea inception to engineering, legal issues, manufacturing, and ultimately distribution of a product is fortress with a deep moat for most of us. Quirky helps to turn everyday people with unique ideas into full blown inventors and business people. Quirky has changed the way products are developed and helped bring ideas to market quicker and more cost effectively for the everyday person. They have a great reputation. See more at


If you have some ideas of your own it may be time to get involved. You can earn money just by helping with product development and not necessarily coming up with new ideas. Great for RV’ers looking for a hobby that could bring in a few additional dollars.

See the video below for more information.


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