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RV Storage Ideas: Tic Tac RV Spice Rack

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As they say “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. Some of the best RV storage ideas begin with taking something discard-able and breathing new life into it.

This Tic Tac RV spice rack idea is not only clever, but also cost effective. The Tic Tac RV spice rack is ideal for RV’ers starved for space and looking for a convenient way to store their spices.

There is no longer a reason that we shouldn’t have a fully stocked kitchen in our RV’s! This RV storage idea was discovered at Skruben, which is a artistic inspired and creative blog. The Tic Tac RV spice rack is very simple to implement. All you will need is:

  • Empty Tic Tac Containers
  • Your Favorite Herbs and Spices
  • Plastic Carrying Container (Optional)



If you were to glue magnets to the back of the Tic Tac RV Spice Rack you could then mount them on the wall of your RV if you were to mount some type of stainless steel strip shown here. It would also work  inside or outside a cabinet. The Tic Tac RV spice rack would even work on the fridge. That kind of flexibility would make this one of the more useful RV storage ideas for kitchen items.

You can actually pick up a 24 pack of tic tac’s for any of the various RV storage ideas described here for around $12 with free shipping from amazon if you spend at least $25 total. So add some toilet paper or dog food and get started!



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