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10 RV Security Tips To Keep You Safe From Theft

This post was updated on May 11th, 2024

10 RV Security Tips To Keep You Safe From Theft

Campgrounds and RV parks are generally safe, but theft and burglaries can still happen anywhere.

It’s not so much that there’s high-level security (although some places have security gates, cameras, and 24-hour monitoring).  Rather, thieves have a hard time sneaking around rows of parked RVs without being noticed.  RVers are also usually very neighborly and can help keep an eye on your site while you’re away.

Despite the rarity, you should still take precautions to keep your things safe.  It only takes a couple of minutes for someone to break into your RV or steal the firewood from your campsite.

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These are the best RV security measures to keep your personal belongings safe.

1. Get in the habit of always locking your doors.

I know, the RV park you just pulled up to seems really laid-back, but why risk it?  One of the easiest ways to deter thieves is to simply lock your doors anytime you leave, no matter how long you’re going to be gone.  Also, make sure to close and lock exterior storage compartments.

2. Shut the windows and close blinds/curtains/shades when you’re away.

Not only does this dissuade thieves, but it also keeps the sun from shining in, which can cause your interior fabric colors to fade.

3. Research the area where you’re staying.

It’s always a good idea to research campgrounds online before you arrive.  Check out websites like RV LIFE Campgrounds to learn more about the park and what the surrounding area is like.

RV parks in cities and urban areas usually have more crime than remote campgrounds way out in the boonies.  If a park has consistently negative reviews, you may want to stay somewhere else.

4. Find a visible site in a well-lit area.

Where you park is important whether it’s for a few nights or a few hours.  Opt for sites in the heart of the RV park that will have good lighting after dark.

5. Hide expensive items, or just leave them at home.

Before leaving your RV, hide valuables like your iPad/tablet, Kindle, laptops, cell phones, cameras, MP3 players, CDs, gaming items, jewelry, or anything of value.  Better yet, leave costly items at home.

You may also want to invest in a safe for your irreplaceable items.  It’s best to find one that can be bolted down, like this one from Amazon.

6. Keep the interior lights on if you leave your RV after dark.

With the interior lights on and your blinds/shades closed, criminals will have no idea if someone is inside.  Exterior motion-detecting lights like these can also work well as deterrents.

Photo: Jeff on Flickr

7. Befriend your neighboring RVers.

Even if you’re not staying in a park for long, start up a conversation with your neighbors. They can keep an extra set of eyes out and will know when someone does not belong.

8. Put items away if you’re leaving the campground.

To eliminate any temptation for thieves, put all of your things away prior to leaving your site.   This could include camping chairs, cooking equipment, and/or firewood. Don’t make it easy for them!

RV security is important at the campground or even in your own driveway. Photo: Wikipedia

9. Upgrade your RV’s locks.

Most RVs come with the standard default locks from the factory.  For better RV security, swap these locks out for keyless entry.  RVLock V4 is a popular option with an 8-digit keypad and a 4-button fob remote.

10. Invest in a security alert system or camera surveillance.

Maybe you want something more secure than just locking your doors.  If you don’t mind spending more on security, consider investing in a security alert system or camera surveillance for your RV.

You may also want property theft coverage under your RV insurance, in case something happens despite your best efforts.

For more RV security tips, check out this RV LIFE article on 6 Tips That Will Keep You Safe While On The Road.

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