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RV Toy Hauler Mods Under $500

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Our Favorite Toy Hauler Modifications

Toy haulers are unique RVs that have many options for use. The open rear allows for customization, and there are many RV toy hauler mods to choose from.

RV toy hauler mods are endless, and that is one of the main reasons people love them. The garage area can be used as a garage or converted into an additional living space.

These open spaces have been used as offices, gyms, kid’s playrooms, and other creative spaces. A full conversion of this space be a large project; however, there are also some smaller mods that can make a big difference. Here, we’ll look at some great RV toy hauler mods under $500.

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Some are very practical, while others are for convenience or even necessary in certain situations. These mods may be stand-alone changes or part of a full conversion of your toy hauler garage.

Screen Doors

One of the main features and benefits of a toy hauler is the wide-open rear wall. The fold-down ramps open up the entire rear to allow access for ATVs.

Having the ramp down gives you the ultimate opportunity for wide-open views and fresh air. As campers, we all know that we have to coexist with nature, and this includes bugs, most notably black flies and mosquitoes. This presents an obvious problem with having the ramp down on your toy hauler.

Toy hauler screen doors allow you to keep the ramp down and the fresh air and views without all the annoying pests. Some RV toy haulers come with screen doors either standard or as an option; however, most do not.

If you plan on using your garage to work, entertain, or even do maintenance on your toys, being able to comfortably leave the ramp down changes everything. It can also be a great way to keep pets inside (depending on how determined they are).

Wall Mount Work Stations

Full-time RVing continues to become a more common way to live and work. However, working while on the road and living in a small space can be challenging. Toy haulers are an excellent choice for full-timers, as they have the garage to convert to a dedicated workspace.

Wall-mounted workstations are great for toy haulers, as they give you the workspace you need and the ability to tuck it away for travel and to free up space in the garage area. Dedicating space to a desk is unnecessary with wall-mounted workstations, and in RVs, space is valued.

Articulation wall-mounted workstations are also great for your posture and overall wellness. Sitting in an office chair for hours is known to be hard on your body. Having the ability to stand periodically throughout your workday will benefit you greatly.

Garage Door Awning

A garage door awning is a great RV toy hauler mod for multiple reasons. It can provide shade over the ramp for your ATV while you work on it, and it also prevents sun and heat from entering the garage itself.

If you leave your toy hauler ramp down, the heat that enters on warm days can make it very uncomfortable inside. Having the shade of an awning will keep the area cool and comfortable.

Rain can also be an issue with toy haulers, as there is no protection with the ramp down. Extending an awning from the garage door can help reduce rain from entering. This eliminates the need to have the ramp closed every time it rains.

Ramp Door Patio

The ramp door is a great place to make some RV toy hauler mods. The surface of the door is very large, but the inclined ramp position isn’t really usable space.

Modifying the ramp so it can be safely positioned in a flat level position adds all that floor space to your RV. The most common use for this space is a patio. The supplies needed are minimal, and the entire job can be easily done in an afternoon.

RV Toy hauler mods and your warranty

These RV toy hauler mods under $500 are by no means large projects, and the actual modification to your RV is minimal. You should, however, keep in mind your warranty before making any large modifications.

Manufacturers can be difficult when it comes to warranty coverage after changes have been made. If you are unsure about any modifications you plan to make, it’s best to check with the dealer or manufacturer.

If your warranty is up and your RV is paid for, go wild. As long as the modifications are safe and don’t alter the structural integrity of your RV, you will be okay. Utilizing a toy hauler’s garage space to your needs is a huge benefit of this style of RV.

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