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This RV Wind Turbine Runs More Quietly Than You’d Think

Many RVers have decided to experiment with solar power. With recent advancements in portable solar power generation, motorhomes and trailers sporting shiny (and sometimes dusty…) solar panels have become a fairly common sight.

Harnessing power directly from the sun isn’t the only way to obtain more sustainably sourced energy. What about wind power?

Russ DeMaris uses a Southwest Wind Power 400 watt turbine on the back of his RV. He did a quick test to show that these wind turbines aren’t always the noisy beasts some think they are.

Source: YouTube/ Russ DeMaris

Does a wind turbine on an RV make too much noise? Not really!

It’s just a bit more than a whisper. I thought it’d sound more like a freight train rumbling over the tracks.

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