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This Ferocious UFC Fighter Lives In A 44 Foot Motorhome

RVers are usually a friendly, easygoing bunch but some you definitely don’t want to tick off. For example, there’s RVing UFC fighter Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone, just a regular guy who prefers to drive his deluxe 44′ motorhome to UFC fights with a partying crew of burly dudes and their arsenal he’s dubbed “Waco on Wheels.”

RVing UFC fighter Cerrone on the road to the gold.

RVing UFC fighter

Forget horses, this cowboy is the hottest UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) fighter at the moment, and he’s skipping airplanes and fancy hotels in favor of wild cross country road trips with his best buds.

He drives his coach from his BMF Ranch Albuquerque training camp to UFC events all over the country with a crew full of party pals to make life interesting.

This Cowboy might be your next RV park neighbor.

RVing UFC fighter

A bronco-bustin’ native of the Southwest, the 32-year old lightweight Cowboy Cerrone described his RVing lifestyle to MMAjunkie:

It’s the journey. It’s the drive. It’s the road trip. I get to hang out with my friends. It’s the experiences of life that go on. If you just dwell on one thing – I look at this whole road trip as an experience as far as leaving training camp, coming up with all my friends, jumping in the bus, driving across the country – fun sh-t happening. Going to Vegas and hanging out. Going to New Orleans, bus breaking down, running into some crazy hillbilly mechanic guys, laughing my ass off, getting in the bus driving here.

And like all RVers, even a RVing UFC fighter has his share of mechanical issues to deal with, like the one that just went down while hauling the rig to the biggest UFC fight of his life. While trucking out from New Mexico to a huge title fight in Orlando, his coach broke down in a tiny Alabama town.

With time ticking away before the event, did Cerrone catch the next Florida-bound plane? Did he hire a mechanic to figure out the problem? No way. He and his rowdy road crew of cowboy dudes put down their sidearms and got busy turning wrenches until the problem was solved. Cerrone told

My phone was going crazy that night. I had grease all over my hands trying to answer it, people telling me to just leave it where it was. This is what I do, man. I’m a hillbilly. I’m in my RV and this is my journey. I’m not dwelling on it. I just roll with the punches. It rents no space in my mind. It did cost me $6,000 though, so I guess it rented some space in my bank account.

His first RV was a Heartland toy hauler.

RVing UFC fighter

With more titles under his belt and a whole lot more fame, Cerrone’s made his way up to this ultimate Phaeton coach that carries all his toys and then some.

Got UFC titles? Now Cerrone travels in a 44′ Phaeton!

RVing UFC fighter

The next time you check into a RV park, look carefully at your neighbor, you just might be camped next to the most famous RVing UFC fighter on the planet!

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