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You’ve Got To Check Out The RV/MH Hall of Fame In Elkhart, Indiana

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A Hall of Fame for RVs? It’s true! Just off Interstate 80 in Elkhart, Indiana you can stop and explore this museum showcasing some of the most fascinating trailers, photos, and memorabilia regarding RVs and Manufactured Housing that date all the way back to the 1920’s and ’30s.

RV/MH Hall of Fame

You’re probably wondering why they would choose to open this glorious museum in the middle of the Hoosier State. While it may seem odd, there’s actually a perfectly good explanation – nearly 90% of all RVs are made at manufacturing locations in and around Elkhart, so the city was an ideal place to honor homes on wheels.

Nomad Boomers

The 100,000-square foot museum originally got started in the 1970s, but officially opened in 1991. They moved to their current location in 2007. Around that time, the RV industry was hit hard during the last recession, and there were many people who feared that the Hall of Fame would go bankrupt like many RV manufacturers. Thankfully, the Hall of Fame survived and is still open to the public for an impressive day trip.

RV Basics

If you take a walk through their exhibits like “Road Back In Time” you can admire displays of chronological and technological advancements in the industry from before World War I up to the present. The oldest vehicle they have is a 1913 Earl Travel Trailer!

They’ll even allow you to boondock in the parking lot overnight at no extra charge, and their foundation states their primary goal is “To create a display of historic RV/MH products in a museum for the education and enjoyment of the public”.

RV Hall of Fame

Here’s an epic 1958 Airstream they have displayed! It’s in such amazing condition, you truly have to wonder what it looks like on the inside too. Thankfully, not all of their incredible displays are “Look, but don’t touch” – many are open for walk-through tours!

Check out this 1954 Spartan Imperial Mansion:

Wikipedia / punktoad

Wow! This one really gives off a sense of nostalgia. Speaking of nostalgia…the earliest Winnebago and smallest Airstream ever made can also be found in this museum.

Admission is only about $10, but it’s totally worth every penny considering that it’s the only place in North America where you can explore such unique historical collections, and also learn more about the RV lifestyle in a setting with artificial trees designed to look like a campground.

So, what are your thoughts? Want to check out this place in Elkhart?

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