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What To Say And Do If You Get Stopped By The Cops While Stealth Camping [VIDEO]

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YouTube user Dan Travels has some good advice for fellow van dwellers if (when?) you get a visit from the authorities.

Dan says you have a lot more control over the situation than you might think, and how you react to the officer’s questioning in large part determines the outcome of the interaction. 

He says that he never parks his van on private property and tries his best to have a pleasant attitude and be forthcoming. Dan said that most police officers he’s talked with encourage him to continue his van camping!



That’s great advice. Always have a good attitude, be respectful, and have an ‘elevator pitch’ to make the police officer understand you’re not a threat and you mean no trouble for anyone.

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  1. Polite and courteous attitude makes all the difference. When I wore a badge we had a saying: You can’t talk yourself out of a ticket, but you can sure talk yourself into one. Meaning, a good attitude will work to your advantage and a bad attitude will get you problems.

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