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This Artist Travels Full-Time In A Tiny Scamp Fiberglass Trailer

Youtuber Elsa Rhae shares videos of life on the road in her 13-foot fiberglass Scamp trailer.  Traveling full-time with her partner and dog, Elsa is a talented artist known for creating amazing murals, face paintings, and vinyl & wood stickers.

Scamp trailer
Elsa’s tiny 13-foot Scamp trailer. 

The full-timer posts videos about life in a Scamp trailer, and art projects like how to make your own painted floral wallpaper.  In another video she shows how she created a hippie ’70s mural for KC Taco Company, featuring a Volkswagen surrounded by sunflowers:

Mural by Elsa Rhae. Watch how she made it in this video.

In addition to creating murals, the full-timer also runs a store remotely from her trailer.  With each vinyl sticker sold, 5% of the proceeds are donated to 1 of 3 charities of your choice.

One of the stickers available. Photo by Elsa Rhae

The tiny Scamp trailer is equipped to camp off the grid with a solar panel and Goal Zero battery to charge their phones, laptops, and lights.  You can see the full tour of Elsa’s trailer in this video:

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