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Some May Think His School Bus Retreat Looks Disgusting, But He’s At Peace

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Max doesn’t live like many other people. He’s chosen to go his own way. Well, partly his own way. Max keeps a small apartment in the city, but also spends weekends at his mom’s property where he’s built a sustainable homestead out of a converted school bus.

Original video by Kirsten Dirksen

Many of the YouTube comments were quite negative. It seems some view how Max lives as squalor or filth. One viewer summed up his observation like this,

Some people would turn their nose up at this idea. But this guy isn’t struggling under the a mound of debt, he doesn’t have enormous monthly bills, and he is at peace. Now tell me, who’s richer– the multi-millionaire, who constantly has to worry about maintaining and protecting his wealth and investments, perhaps working 70 hour weeks to maintain a business, or this guy??? I say this guy is rich in a lot of ways, simple ways.

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