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Do You Have Some Beautiful Land? Share It With Campers On Landshare

The sharing economy has become even larger with Landshare. Run by Hipcamp, an online space for finding unique campsites, Landshare lets land owners list their cool camp spots and allows campers to find those spots near their chosen location.

The Landshare portion of Hipcamp allows landowners to list their unique places.


With traditional campgrounds filling up fast during the high travel season, Landshare is an opportunity for campers to book their spot ahead of time and for landowners to retain and maintain their land while making some money.

According to the Philadelphia Sunday Sun, some Landshare hosts have earned $5,000 to $13,000 in their first six months during the peak summer season.

Hipcamp lets campers search for unique places near their destination.


Sort of like an Airbnb for campers and landowners, the system is designed to put extra money in the pockets of people with unique parcels of land and comes with a $1,000,000 safety guarantee. Like Airbnb, the campers and the land owners can also rate and rank each other.

Each location gets their own page, photos and booking software.


Landshare also lets you list a unique camping dwelling like a trailer, yurt, safari tent, barn, teepee, or gypsy wagon. Campers can also narrow down their searches by features, amenities and activities.

Tee-Pee Hollow in Northern California is just one listed spot.

Hipcamp/Tee-Pee Hollow

To give you an idea of what kind of land is being posted, several unique locations that can be found on the Hipcamp site include Tee-Pee Hollow in Northern California, Quartz Creek Campground near Glacier National Park in Montana, Treehouse near Coldwater Gardens, Florida, and the Walker Honey Farm and Dancing Bee Winery in Texas.

This treehouse near Austin, Texas is listed on Landshare.


Even wineries, farms and other commercial land can be listed for campers.

Hipcamp/Walker Honey Farm and Dancing Bee Winery

You will need a Hipcamp account to both list and request a place to camp, but it’s free and from your Land Dashboard you can view your booking calendar and your payouts. Hipcamp does take a commission on land bookings and the rate is determined by insurance needs and the number of campsites you have listed and active.

Who wouldn’t want to camp here?

Hipcamp/Quartz Creek Campground

Hipcamp also requires that land owners give campers access to a toilet (composting toilets and outhouses are okay) and follow all local zoning laws as well as fire restrictions for your area.

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