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How To Shrink Wrap An RV For Storage

To protect your RV while in storage, you could use a standard RV cover or you could apply a thin film of shrink wrap.

In this video, Ryan Polcyn from Dr. Shrink will teach you how to install shrink wrap on your RV for a complete weatherproof cover.

He’ll show you what tools you’ll need and walk you through the application process step-by-step.


Original video by Dr. Shrink, Inc.

Ryan makes it look so easy! I don’t think he missed a spot on the whole trailer. Dr. Shrink has also developed a zippered access door that will allow you to enter your RV after it’s been shrink wrapped. Neat stuff.

Steps outlined in the video:

  1. Unfold film equally on both sides
  2. Trim excess material to create pleat on each corner
  3. Use tape to temporarily hold corner pleats
  4. Create perimeter band
  5. Insert buckle and adjust band to desired level
  6. Use Strap Tension Tool to fully tighten and secure perimeter band
  7. Leave about 6″ of material under band for heat weld
  8. Heat weld all pleats on each corner of unit
  9. Create heat weld around entire perimeter band
  10. Install belly bands every 6″-8″
  11. Make small slit ABOVE the perimeter band and fasten belly strap
  12. Shrink entire cover one side at a time
  13. A heat tool extension is recommended for shrinking the top – only shrink what you can see!
  14. Tape all pleats and seams with heat shrink tape
  15. Install a minimum of 4 vents per unit


Hello, my name is Ryan Polcyn, sales manager at Dr. Shrink.

Today we’re going to teach you how to shrink wrap an RV. We’re here at Vacation Trailer Sales in beautiful Manistee, Michigan.

The concepts you see today can be used on any RV.


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