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A Simple Trick To Prevent Glass Cups From Clinking In Your RV

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Prevent glasses from clinking

If you insist on bringing along glass cups in your RV, you’re going to have to deal with annoying clinking sounds. You could also end up with broken or chipped glasses.

Many RVers choose to use paper or plastic cups to avoid these problems.

Still, you don’t have to give up on your glassware entirely.

To avoid the irritating clicking sounds, you just need a few simple items.

Grab some old socks from your dresser drawer, and gently place the bottom end of a glass into the opening of the sock. You might need to practice a few times. It can be tricky to hold the open side of the sock in a circle, while stretching the elastic.

When you’re done, make sure to flip up the edge of the sock over the lip of the glass so the cup doesn’t fall out.

Place these bundles of protected glassware into a crate, or drop them gently into a drawstring bag – the kind used for storing sports items.

This trick works for wine glasses, cups – even champagne flutes. There you have it – no more clinking or broken glassware when you travel!

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