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This Awesome Jacket Can Also Serve As Your Tent And Sleeping Bag

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If you’ve ever gone camping, you know that saving space is essential. And when you can score unique, all-encompassing items that take care of multiple basic needs, it’s almost like hitting the jackpot. This unique gadget in particular is an epic find: it will serve as not only a fashionable rain jacket to keep you warm, but also as a tent and a comfortable detachable sleeping bag.


Made by Jakpak (update: now it appears the company is out of business!) this item is made of nylon polyester, coated in urethane, and serves as a waterproof jacket, as well as a sleeping bag and a detachable tent. While you may not want to substitute it for a traditional tent, this all-in-one item is ideal for those going on a long hiking or canoeing trip.

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By simply just zipping down your jacket, you can begin folding it down and out into a comfy, breathable place to slumber in the great outdoors.


The sleeping bag folds down from the inside of the jacket’s rear, and the tent folds out of a pocket on the back, making for a quick and easy setup with little to no hassle. Or, you can just wear it as a rain jacket alone even if you’re not going out camping at that time.

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You can get the item in two different colors, and since it is a 3-in-1 treasure, the price tag isn’t exactly cheap – usually running about $250.

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Nonetheless, it’s still a fascinating concept and product if you’re a big outdoor enthusiast looking for ways to conserve space.

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What do you think? Want one of these awesome jacket/tent/sleeping bags?

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