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You Can Buy This Tent For A Prius That Fits In The Glove Box

I have said before that just because you can’t afford a giant motorhome, does not mean you can’t have a life on the road, and there are manufacturers out there aiming to prove me right.

While a Prius is one of the most economical cars to take on the road, the cost of overnight stays in motels can really crash the budget compared to camping.

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While you may have to suffer through a lot of really bad jokes just for showing up, “So, you need hookups right?” “No, we’re just tent camping” “I meant to recharge your Prius…” there is a company that will sell you a tent to fit the hatchback of your Prius, turning it into a not-quite-luxury accommodation for the night.

To say that it converts the Prius to a “camper” might be generous, but it does make a serviceable bed on wheels.

The Habitents’ Prius Tent installed with door closed.

habitent installed closed

Cory and Mary developed the Habitents as “…a comfortable alternative to staying in expensive or sketchy motels during driving trips.”

The space is actually larger than you might think. Habitents claims an 80×40 inch bed can be made inside the car, roughly the size of a double mattress, providing a tight, but doable space for two adults to get a decent night’s sleep. Although I would recommend a heavy duty double bed sized air mattress to lay on!

Habitents Prius camper with door up.

door open

The Habitents site mentions using their gear in a national or state park, but the market they are really aiming at is roadtrippers, who just need to catch a few Zs with a minimum of hassle. It seems this is just what you would need to transform your small car into a quick rest stop simply and quickly.

The opening also has a mosquito-proof, zippered screen for bug free ventilation.


The Habitents design wraps around the rear of the whole vehicle, filtering out light through the windows and providing a zippered door to access the space from the rear.

While it may seem the obvious question would be, why not just pitch a tent? With the Habitents, you don’t have to have a primitive campsite available, in fact, a rest stop, Walmart parking lot, or anywhere you can park on level ground undisturbed can become a virtually-free hotel room for the night.

A big thank you to Habitents.  I slept very comfortably in my Habitents for six days and really loved it.  Woke up every day in a grove of redwoods. My husband and I are going to use it together next week in Oregon.  You make a wonderful product! -Katherine

At less than a hundred bucks, this tent would pay for itself in a half week of travel and start earning you money. Another big advantage is the compact storage of the Habitents, without poles, or stakes, it will roll up small enough to easily fit in the Prius’ storage area, along with a bag or two, making it a great option for traveling light.

How to setup the Prius Tent.

If you’re man or woman enough to defend your hybrid against rednecks in dually diesels towing 35-foot fifth wheels, by all means, hit the national park circuit this summer. But if you just need a place to sleep without shelling out $50 that would be better spent on food, gas or entertainment, this is a must have for Prius owners who love to wander!

One Habitents owner even used their system at the Burning Man Festival, known for its high winds,

We attended Burning Man in our Habitents. Despite 50-70 mph winds, dust, heat and cold, we were super comfy all week long. -Ihn and Alishia

Cory and Mary created a detailed FAQ that will answer most all of your questions about the Prius Tent.

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