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5 Unique Storage And Decorating Ideas Using Empty Pringles Cans

Proctor & Gamble definitely had it going on when they invented Pringles back in 1967. While I’ve eaten my fair share of the delicious snack since then, other more handy folks have taken used Pringles containers and turned them into useful and stylish storage tubes.

1. Spaghetti will never get broken again.

2. Why spend $30 on a desk organizer?

3. Keep your magazines and newspapers neatly filed away.

4. Candy Can. Yea!

5. Scientific fact: Cookies taste better when you eat them from a Pringles Can.

I’m liking the magazine storage idea. Many of the commercially available storage racks are made of heavy wood, and weigh more than is necessary. Sliding items into the light Pringles cans would save on weight. Another option? Make your own homemade diversion safe!