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Using Smartphone Apps as a Safety and Protection Device for the RV

This post was updated on March 15th, 2024

Making a call to ask for help isn’t the only way your mobile phone may be able to save you in an emergency. A range of smartphone applications (Apps) are available which can help you to deal with emergencies, personal safety, with first aid. Smartphone Apps can provide a handy torchlight, teach you self defense and/or help you to survive if you are lost in the wilderness. Take a look at the following different types of smartphone apps, and consider downloading those that could one day get you out of a tight spot or maybe even save your life.

1) First Aid Smartphone Apps

First aid apps can help you to follow the right procedures in the event of a medical emergency. Advice is offered in the form of text supported by illustrations, and some apps include video content to guide you. Examples of emergencies covered include choking, bleeding and heart attacks. Downloading a first aid app can give you peace of mind should the unexpected happen. A great tool for any smartphone user.

Our Favorites:

Apple iOS – First Aid by American Red Cross  Cost: Free

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Google Android – First Aid  Cost: Free


2) Flashlight Smartphone Apps

Basic flashlight smartphone apps offer a handy way to generate a light to guide you in a difficult situation. Dropping your car keys in the dark or finding yourself lost wandering around a RV park are great examples examples of situations where a portable flashlight could be a savior. More advanced apps will emit a loud siren sound and bright strobe light if needed, and are designed to help you signal others if you are lost or assaulted.

Our Favorites:

Apple iOS – Flashlight  Cost: Free

Google Android – Tiny Flashlight + LED  Cost: Free




3) Personal Protection Smartphone Apps

A range of personal protection applications are available for iPhones and Android phones, and everyone should have one of these installed on their device. Just in case. The EyeWatch app allows you to deliver an instant message with your location in the event of an abduction or other emergency. If you are travelling in an area you don’t know or find yourself in a threatening situation, you can have the EyeWatch app running for peace of mind. At the tap of a button an instant alert will be sent to your chosen contacts. It also has the ability to record audio, video and notify your emergency contact at the touch of a button. Certainly worth having.

Our Favorites:

Apple iOS – Eyewatch Basic  Cost: Free

Google Android – Eyewatch Basic  Cost: Free


4) International Emergency Services Smartphone Apps

International travellers should know how to call the emergency services in all countries. Smartphone apps are available to help with this. These are effectively databases of the emergency services numbers for all countries across the globe. The TravelSafe app is a great example, offering the ability to call the emergency services in any country at the tap of a button. This is especially useful for those traveling in their RV to Canada or Mexico.

Our Favorites:

Apple iOS –  TravelSafe  Cost: $0.99

Google Android –  TravelSafe  Cost: Free


5) Self Defense Smartphone Apps

Learning a complex martial art like aikido isn’t something you can do by reading a book or watching some video clips, but you can certainly learn some basic self defense moves this way. Jiu Streetsu is a modern self defense system designed to disarm and restrain an attacker, and an app is available to teach you a range of techniques by watching video tutorials. Learning some basic self defense moves from an app is a good way to prepare. You don’t need to know it, until you do right?

Our Favorites:

Apple iOS – Jiu Streetsu  Cost: Free

Google Android – Self Defense Trainer Cost: Free



6) Outdoor Survival Apps

Of course a smartphone can be used to send a text message to let people know you are lost and potentially to guide you back to safety. Many smartphones feature a compass function as well, and this can be very useful if you find yourself lost outdoors. Taking photographs of your surroundings and emailing them to someone is another way your smartphone could help you in a difficult wilderness situation. A range of survival apps can help with tips on building a shelter, finding food and water and signaling for help. A must have as far as we are concerned if you are a boondocker.

Our Favorites:

Apple iOS – Survival Guide  Cost: Free

Google Android – Survival Guide  Cost: Free


Remember, no smartphone app  will help you, your RV, or your passengers if you are out of battery power. Always keep backup power available either through a solar charger, backup battery, or emergency crank radio/charger.

Any tips or tricks that we missed on how to use your smartphone to get you out of a pinch? Please share in the comments below!

Safe travels everyone!

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