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Spring Is Here: Time To Deep Clean The RV

Spring is here, now is the perfect time to deep clean your RV. Living in the RV obviously means cleaning along the way, but when was the last time you really got into those nooks and crannies that get passed over time and time again? To break down what it’ll take to deep clean, we’ve divided the RV into three main areas: the bedroom, the kitchen/living room, and the bathroom. 

Kitchen/Living room area

As the biggest area, and the one where the most time is spent, the kitchen and living room are going to take the brunt of the cleaning.

Start by removing everything from cabinets and drawers; not only does this help to clean those spaces out, it lets you get a good inventory of everything you have so you can see if there’s any expired or stale food that needs to be tossed, or if there’s anything that you’re running low on.

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Wipe down your fridge, microwave, etc.
Wipe down your fridge, microwave, etc. Photo by B&M Stores, courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons

Clean out the drawers and cupboards and wipe down any foods that have gotten sticky or messy and put everything back in. Do the same thing with the fridge.

Next, clean your appliances like the microwave, toaster, or blender. Microwaves can get very messy, just like at home, so make sure to take out the rotating tray and really get everything sparkling clean inside. Clean the stove as well using degreaser to get any build-up off that’s caked on over time. 

Walls get surprisingly dirty, especially in the kitchen. Using a rag, sponge, or Mr. Clean eraser, give the walls a once-over for dust or stray food particles. 

Remove your seat cushions from the kitchen table/dinette area and vacuum under the seats; lots of little crumbs find their way in here. If your cushion covers are removable, take them off and throw them in the wash. 

Clean the ceiling and air conditioning vents in the area; these can get dirtier than you think and can lead to clogging and polluted air. Make sure to replace any filters that need it.

RV bathroom cleaning

While an RV bathroom is small, it still packs a wallop in terms of how dirty it can get and the time it takes to clean!

Use a multi-purpose cleaner to give all of the surfaces—including the toilet, shower, and countertop—a good wipe down to start.

Deep cleaning the RV bathroom
Deep cleaning the RV bathroom. Photo by marada, courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons

Just like in the kitchen, take everything out of the cabinets and drawers and wipe them down. Once again, this is a good time to take inventory of items like first aid products that might need refilling. 

Next, give some love to some overlooked places. If your shower has a curtain, take it off and throw it in the wash. Curtains tend to buildup mold and mildew when you’re not looking. If you have a glass or plastic door, wash that down. 

Finally, wash your toilet and tank using appropriate cleaning supplies, careful to not put the wrong chemicals into your RV toilet.


The bedroom is pretty simple in terms of cleaning. First, give your bedding a good wash in the washing machine. Clean any under-bed storage. Take clothes out of shelves or whatever method they are stored in and give those areas a quick sanitizing wipe to get the dust out.

Other areas

If your RV has carpeting, make sure to give that a good vacuuming and spot treat any stains.

Ceilings are an area you might have ignored, but cobwebs and dust can accumulate up here just as much as any other area of your RV. Use a vacuum attachment or broom to get stuff off the ceiling; it’s good to do this step first in your cleaning process so you can collect anything that drops to the floor. 

Next, give the windows a thorough cleaning. This means cleaning the sills, screens, and any window treatments you may have.

Cleaning your roof is important
Give your roof some TLC. Photo via bowpulpit on iRV2 Forums

Take the screens out and spray with a hose and let dry before putting back in. If you have removable curtains, throw those in the washing machine. If you have shades, give those a good wipe down.

Don’t forget to wash and wax the exterior, and get up on the roof if necessary to keep it good as new.

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