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7 Reasons Why You Might Consider Going Camping In A Tent This Spring

There’s no better time to head out for a trip than during the springtime. Summer is a great season to go camping too, but it can get waaay too blazing hot. In which case, RVing may be a much more comfortable option as long as you’re equipped with a refreshing A/C unit.

Spring, though, is right there in the middle – offering warm, perfect temps to keep almost everyone comfortable. Fall has a nice, cooler mid-range of temperatures, but it’s just not like the sunny months of April and May. In a lot of areas, wildflowers and plants bloom this time of year, and you can just feel that warm, happy vibe in the air that summer is around the corner.

We could go on and on why it’s best to be out and about these next couple of months – but instead of heading out in your RV, here are 7 reasons in particular why camping in a tent may be a much more enjoyable option this season.

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1. You’ll be able to take in more fresh air.

Dave Dugdale/Flickr

Ahh, a good ole’ breath of fresh air. It’s so refreshing. Just filling your lungs with oxygen is a natural amenity you won’t be able to enjoy nearly as much if you’re cramped inside of an RV.

2. It can be a lot cheaper.

Pictures of Money/Flickr

Although comfortable, RVing isn’t always easy on your wallet. Even if you scored a great deal when you bought your mobile home, there are still a number of other expenses like gas, oil and tires that you won’t have to pay for (or at least, as much) if you’re just going camping in a tent. And who doesn’t love saving money?

3. You’ll be much more tempted to go hiking and exploring.

Christian Arballo/Flickr

Without all of the luxurious amenities in an RV (and honestly, they are quite nice), you’re way more likely to head out and hit the trails nearby.  Just looking at the green on trees can actually bring you positive health benefits. (Check out more of the incredible benefits from camping here.)

4. You can zip open your tent and stargaze all night.

Zach D/Flickr
Stargazin by Zach Dischner is licensed under CC BY 2.0

You might be able to see some of the stars in the night sky out the window in your RV, but you probably won’t be able to get as close to as good of a view. If you’re in a tent, you can just zip it right open, or pop a chair outside to sit and stare at the glimmering stars until the break of dawn.

5. You’ll be able to completely detach from technology.

Rv Road Trips

In an RV, you usually still have access to most of the addicting technology that you normally would at home – like a TV, laptop, phone, WiFi, etc. Going camping in a tent will give you a much better connection with the world and other campers than any of these devices ever will.

6. You can go camping in a tent almost anywhere.

Flickr/Michael Matti
Tent Photo at Snow Lake in Mt Rainier National Park by Michael Matti by Michael Matti is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Not every place offers sites for RVs, but there is almost always a place to set up tent. You can pitch one right beside lakes, mountains, or anywhere, really, and wake up to some of the most extraordinary views.

7. It’s arguably a more memorable experience.

My Family Tent

Camping in a tent with your family or significant other can be a great way to bond, and make plenty of memories to last a lifetime. You can all still have a great time in an RV, but when you’re completely disconnected from all of technology and distractions, you’ll be able to enjoy more experiences together, whether you’re just playing cards or sitting by the campfire sharing stories.

What do you think? Would you like to go camping in a tent this spring, or would you rather still stick to your RV?