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Benefits Of Using A Steering Wheel Cover And 3 Highly Rated Ones To Try

At first glance, a steering wheel cover for your RV might not seem like much more than a decorative item—not something that’s really “necessary.”

It turns out though, that there are actually a number of benefits beyond simple looks. If you spend hours behind the wheel, these small benefits can add up to a major improvement in your driving comfort – and safety.

Steering wheel cover benefits

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Steer wheel covers add grip—increasing safety

Over time, constant use actually starts to wear down the grip on your steering wheel, making it more slick to the touch. Adding a steering wheel cover with a textured grip will help ensure you’ve got control at all times – especially if you experience a tire blowout on the highway.

Without a cover—or if you choose too slick of a cover—your steering wheel could be tough to hold onto during the winter months.

Driving will be more comfortable

If you’ve ever stepped into the cab of your RV on a sweltering summer day, you know it can sometimes take a few minutes for your steering wheel to cool down enough to touch. And in the winter months, it can be much the same as your wheel feels like ice.

But if you’ve got a fabric cover, you’ll find that your steering wheel doesn’t get anywhere near as hot or cold as a wheel with just a leather cover or no cover at all. Instead of idling with the air conditioner on, you can hit the road as soon as you step in.

Steering wheel covers can help reduce driver fatigue

Steering wheel covers that have a springy, textured fabric like memory foam aren’t just more comfortable for those long drives, they can help reduce driving fatigue.

Many covers have molded designs that feature ergonomic thumb pads and finger grips. When your vehicle passes over bumps in the road, a cover acts as a shock absorber of sorts. If you were holding the hard, bare wheel, those vibrations would go straight to your hands.

It’s completely customizable

You can find steering wheel covers in just about any style imaginable, like colors that coordinate with your vehicle’s exterior to imitation wood grain, your favorite sports team (including the NFL and MLB), cartoon characters, retro patterns, animal prints, and everything in between.

Not only does a steering wheel cover look good, but it comes with a number of other benefits that make your long drives a little more tolerable.

If you don’t have a steering wheel cover yet, here’s a look at three of the top ones to consider. All of these covers are under $20, and come very highly recommended from other drivers.

1. Premium Steering Wheel Cover By Rettun

Premium Steering Wheel Cover By RettunTM

This all-season steering wheel cover is one of the highest rated I found. Customers from New England rave about how it keeps their hands from freezing, customers from San Diego talk about how they’re no longer burning their hands, and everyone in between seems satisfied as well.

The soft padding and gentle contour provides excellent comfort and grip, and the bright colors instantly add some pop to any interior. This cover is completely odor free, so you don’t get the rubbery smell that goes along with so many other covers. Plus, it comes with a complimentary air freshener.

2. Pilot Automotive Racing Style Steering Wheel Cover

 Pilot Automotive SW-68T Racing Style Tan and Black Steering Wheel Cover
Pilot Automotive

Many reviewers commented on the quality of this cover. Others said specifically that the stitching is very solid.

With a pair of comfort grips placed at 3 and 9, you’ll have better control over the wheel and a natural place to keep your hands.

3. Bell Automotive Baja Blanket Steering Wheel Cover

Bell Automotive Baja Blanket Steering Wheel Cover
Bell Automotive

This cover has a simple, but attractive design that adds a classic Southwestern style to your vehicle. Made of 100-percent polyester, this cover is incredibly comfortable, but still very durable.

With a textured fabric that gives you a little more grip as you drive, you’re getting form and function in the same package.

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