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Here’s Where This No-Nonsense Steyr 680 4×4 RV Can Take You

When it comes to rugged, off road RVs Sven and Astrid at the Right Beyond the Horizon blog may have found the ultimate way to travel. This couple renovated a 1976 Steyr 680 truck. With its military appearance, 120 hp of diesel monster under the hood and five manual speeds of permanent 4×4 ferocity, this is the one you want when you are literally going “over the river and through the woods” to that perfect bivouac spot.

(Source: YouTube)

This couple is not just pulling into Rocky Mountain National Park for a weekend getaway. They are trekking Asia’s Gobi Desert and making river crossings in outer Mongolia on their Munich to Munich around-the-world trip. See more of their adventure at their website, or take a tour inside their rugged 4×4 RV.