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Strange Old Motorhome From A Time When Custom Was The Only Option

It is easy to forget there was a time where transportation experimentation was global obsession. After the turn of the century there was no shortage of unique, funny and/or ridiculous ideas being tested everywhere from New York City to Munich, Germany. The modern day RV hadn’t set its roots yet but there are a few vehicles that have a likeness to some of the most tried and true RV’s today. Below is a great example a pop up vehicle from a period long before Henry Ford came onto the scene. This “ old motorhome” features a huge increase in living space due to a pop up top.

Old Motorhome with Pop-Up not Pop-Outs

old-motorhome-1 [asa]B007NFI656[/asa] It is not clear how stable that would be given the limited engineering knowledge of the day. But, that is part of being a pioneer. This old motorhome would be quite a site today over a 100 years later. We can only speculate how people from the time must have gawked at this motorhome. The good news: These folks knew how to find a premier RV park even back then. If you notice the background behind the old motorhome, you can see  clues that they have made thier camp at the beach!

A few more vintage auto designs from the same period below:

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1 thought on “Strange Old Motorhome From A Time When Custom Was The Only Option”

  1. This looks to me a mobile fish and chip fryer somewhere at an English beach, just like the one behind it.
    the room upstairs may have been a place to sit and eat, or is there for the convenience of the owner. The tyres have no air chambers and were not intended to travel any significant distances further than the shed it would be stored in winter.

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