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5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Cancel Your Summer Road Trip

Things are pretty up-in-the-air due to the pandemic right now. It’s hard to know what things will look like on a day-to-day basis, let alone in several weeks or months. The same goes for what the summer will be like: will travel be allowed? Will national parks be open to receiving visitors? Will campgrounds be open?

According to Market Watch, half of all Americans have canceled their summer travel plans. If you’ve had a summer road trip planned or want to start planning one now, here are five reasons to keep those plans. Of course, we advocate making sure that the spots you are visiting are open to visitors and self-quarantining if you begin to present any symptoms of COVID-19.

Don’t cancel your summer travel plans just yet! Campgrounds are slowly opening again. Photo by Virginia State Parks, courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons
1. Many campgrounds and RV parks are opening again

Many campgrounds are currently open, and as we progress further into summer, expect that even more will be.

For a thorough guide to which campgrounds in the U.S. are open or accepting new visitors, head over to RV LIFE Campgrounds.  We’ve compiled data from almost 10,000 national campgrounds and RV parks and continue to receive and update information. 

This information has also been implemented in the RV LIFE App as well as the most comprehensive RV trip planner, RV LIFE Trip Wizard. These tools will also continue to update any campgrounds’ status.

2. RVing is social distancing

It’s safe to say that most people in the world are dreaming of travel right now. Airline and cruise travel will not be the go-to method of transportation in the near future. RVing is expected to boom post-COVID, as it is a great way to scratch the travel itch while still maintaining safe social distancing practices.

Rental RV driving through Joshua Tree NP. Photo via Wikipedia Creative Commons

Whether you’ve been self-isolating by yourself or with family, the need to get out of the house and go somewhere is strong right now, and hopping in the RV to take a road trip—no matter the length—is a great remedy.

3. There are plenty of remote locations to visit

Since this is a time to avoid crowded places and maintain safe social distancing, use your summer road trip to explore more remote or less crowded areas that you might not have been to before. There are numerous places where you can get away from other campers and enjoy peace and quiet in nature.

Photo by Jim Choate, courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons
4. National Parks are opening again

The National Park Service is increasing access and services to their parks in a phased approach, meaning that many parks are slowly opening back up and more can be expected.

While visiting an extremely popular and crowded park like Yellowstone might not be ideal during this time, maybe you can use your summer road trip to visit larger, more expansive parks like Olympic National Park, Badlands National Park, or Rocky Mountain National Park.

Rocky Mountain National Park. Photo by Diana Robinson, courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons

For information on specific parks and their access, visit the National Park Service website. Check out our article on 5 of the least visited places in the National Park System for some inspiration as well!

5. It’s the perfect summer to visit a lesser-known beach
Kirby Cove, California. Photo by Udo S, courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons

In addition to National Parks, remote beaches are another great road trip destination that will satisfy the urge to travel and experience something new while also maintaining distance from others.

Visit less-visited spots such as Kirby Cove in California which has adjacent camping or Matagorda Beach, Texas. 

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