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Summer RV Gear: Don’t Hit The Road Without These Items

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The Best Summer RV Gear & Accessories

Summer is finally here, and that means it’s time for road trips, beach days, and camping. This season can get pretty warm though, so it’s important to pack everything you need to deal with the hot weather. We’re here to help you find all the best summer RV gear for the upcoming travel season!

RVs are perfect camping vehicles because they enable you to control the temperature of your living space, no matter where you are. But they can only do so much on their own. Don’t overlook summertime necessities just because you have a nice RV. After all, classic RV camping gear is sometimes the best route to go.

Below we’ve gathered some must-have summer RV gear. Take a look at the list and see if there’s anything you need to buy before you hit the road. Your next summer trip will be much more comfortable (and enjoyable) if you pick up some of these items.

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Portable propane grill

Nothing says “summer” like a good old-fashioned barbecue! Cooking outside is a great way to keep your RV cool and dry. Some vehicles come with attachments for outdoor grills, sinks, and other kitchen supplies. But if you need a way to cook outside of your RV, invest in a portable propane grill. 

There are tons of options, ranging from smokers to tiny camping stoves. If you’re looking for a classic camping grill, try a product like the Megamaster Premium 2-Burner Grill. This model is compact, powerful, and easy to transport. You can cook delicious summertime meals in no time when you travel with a propane grill.

Reclining camp chair

Most RVs have interior seating, but this doesn’t really help you connect with nature. But on the other hand, not every campground or resort provides a place for you to sit! The answer to this problem is camp chairs. These come in all shapes and sizes, so you can definitely find one that works for you.

My personal preference is a reclining camp chair (also known as a zero-gravity chair). You can either sit upright or tip back and take a little nap under the sun! Some models even come with cup holders, trays, shade extensions, and more.

If you want a good all-around option, explore these Best Choice Products Zero Gravity Recliners. Summer RV gear like this will elevate your entire camping experience. 

Shade tent

Shade is a precious commodity during the summer months. Although RVs are equipped with awnings, sometimes you need additional protection. That’s where shade tents and canopies come in handy.

There are lots of shapes and sizes available. Some are perfect for pets or small children, while others are suitable for large groups. One of the most popular choices is the CAREFREE RV Awning Shade. It easily installs in the RV awning roller tube without tools and can be rolled up with the awning. It comes in a variety of sizes on Amazon.

Reflective window/Windshield covers

Even if you run the air conditioner, your RV interior can get quite hot during the summer months. Therefore, it’s important to block the sun before it has the chance to shine through the windows. 

Reflective window covers can keep the interior nice and cool. You may also want to invest in a windshield cover so you can protect the driver’s cab and dashboard. You can either buy general products or look for models that are specific to your RV window styles. 

Outdoor rug

You might not think that a rug qualifies as summer gear, but these products can save you a lot of hassle during your next vacation! An outdoor rug can catch dirt, sand, pet fur, and debris before it enters the RV. It also adds a pop of color and visual interest to your campsite. 

There are lots of patterns and colors you can choose from, but SAND MINE Reversible Mats are a great option. These mats are sturdy, large, and easy to clean. 

Ice maker

On a hot day, sometimes you just need an ice-cold drink to cool you down. But if your RV refrigerator doesn’t come with a freezer, you’ll be forced to buy it from somewhere else. Fortunately, you can bring your own portable ice maker on the road. That way, you’ll always have refreshing ice whenever you need it. 

There are plenty of countertop models that are compact and perfect for RV travel. You can find models that make pebble ice, block ice, or nugget ice. My personal favorite product is the FREE VILLAGE Nugget Ice Maker. It works quickly and produces ice that’s crunchy and fast-acting. 

Backpack cooler

If you love hiking, floating, and spending time outdoors, you might want to invest in a backpack cooler. This summer gear can keep your food and drinks cool for hours. Whenever you’re ready, you can just unzip the bag and enjoy some ice-cold beverages.

The TOURIT Cooler Backpack is a popular choice for campers. It can fit up to 30 cans in a single bag! The capacity is so impressive that this bag might get a bit heavy. Be ready to trade off between group members if this backpack cooler starts weighing you down. 

Filtration water bottle

Hydration is important throughout the entire year, but especially during the summer. Everyone should have a good water bottle for everyday use, but what happens when you can’t find a clean water source? Hikers understand that it can be difficult to carry all the water they need for a trip. That’s why filtration water bottles were invented!

These water bottles allow you to drink from untreated sources, such as lakes and streams. They can filter out debris and harmful contaminants. You should look for clear, flowing water if possible, but these products make it easy to stay hydrated when you’re away from your campsite. Check out products like the Bachgold Outdoor Water Filter Bottle if you’re interested. 

Inflatable tubes

RV parks are often close to rivers, lakes, beaches, pools, and other water features. If you want to float, you should invest in a couple of inflatable tubes. These make it easy for everyone to enjoy the water, regardless of age.

You can even use these tubes as extra seating space around your campsite. They’re almost like beanbag chairs! Best of all, they hardly take up any space once they’ve been deflated. These Heavy Duty River Tubes for Floating are a popular option for campers. 

Outdoor games 

Finally, don’t forget to bring some items that are just for fun! Camping is great, but sometimes you run out of things to do. Outdoor games are a great solution to this problem. 

You can make or buy a variety of games. Popular options include:

  • Bocce
  • Spike ball
  • Cornhole
  • Ladder toss
  • Frisbees (standard and disc golf options)
  • Croquet
  • Badminton 
  • And more!

If you want to have a low-effort water fight, you might be interested in reusable water balloons. These are easy to fill up, and you don’t have to pick up a bunch of broken pieces when you’re done! You’ll be grateful to have these entertainment options as part of your summer gear. 

Get tips from other RVers

One of the best parts about RVing is engaging with the community of traveling enthusiasts. iRV2 forums allow folks to chat with other RVers online, and get other perspectives on everything RVing, including products, destinations, RV mods, and more.

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2 thoughts on “Summer RV Gear: Don’t Hit The Road Without These Items”

  1. Some out door games that are contagious are Viking Chess (KUBB) and Viking Bowling. Viking Chess takes a little bit to learn, but when you pull it out at the campground, people want to know what it is and play it. Our last trip there were 8 adults and over 5 days we played over 100 games.
    Some games can last 10 minutes and others a hour. You never know. Doesn’t take a lot for skill and it is a fun time.

  2. I have seen a lot of people adding shade awnings to their RV’s, that roll up inside the awning. Is this okay use? It adds another layer/thickness to the awning, which make wonder if this would damage the awning or motor. Or even pull away while driving down the highway.
    What are your thoughts on this?
    Thank you,

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