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Fall In Love With These Sweet Vintage Campers By Beth Of Love Vintage Caravans

Love Vintage Caravans in Auckland not only restores vintage campers and trailers back to their nearly original beauty, but creates candy coated delights that look like they should be in a Hollywood movie.

Dolly is a 14 foot Anglo Pullman from 1962 and features vintage Hollywood posters.


The vinyl interior has pink and metal trim.


Beth Eagle of Love Vintage Caravans bought her first vintage trailer a few years ago after she got tired of camping in a leaky tent. She not only fell in love with vintage trailers, but she found that she had a talent for restoring and finding vintage decor for each trailer.

Love Vintage Caravans restores and sells various campers.


The interiors are fully restored to reflect the history of the trailer.


Her company selects trailers based on their shape, condition, potential and history and then completely refurbishes them — including any necessary structural changes. Many of the trailers are rare finds from Tanner Craft, Burco and Anglo Pullman.

The trailers are sealed and new windows are added as well as upgraded electrical components. New vinyl and upholstery is chosen to reflect the history of the trailer and then it’s given a coat of paint that will attract attention in any campground.

Each trailer is given a woman’s name and sold on the Love Vintage Trailer website.



The interior of each trailer features wonderfully crafted cabinetry, carefully chosen paint and wallpaper, comfortable beds, full kitchens, classic dinettes and plenty of storage. Each trailer also has a ton of light coming in from the various windows.

The lovely Mary-Lou is a rare 12 foot Tanner Craft trailer from 1974.


Her interior features a dinette that becomes a single bed.


All of the trailers are then named after women with names like Dolly, Mary-Lou and Lola.

Photos by Love Vintage Caravans

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  1. have to agree with dave there gary; you COMPLETLY missed the point…. go look at a nicely restored
    restored vintage trailer-then head for the nearest RV showroom and compare the quality and features of the vintage with the same size new build…. then ask yourself this question; which one will hold up the best for another 10 to 15 years? park the new one at your camp site-and the vintage next to it….there will be a line waiting to see the vintage unit.

    been there-seen that.

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