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Swiss Engineers Have Come Up With An Ingenious Way To Turn Your Car Into A Camper

Want to delicately tiptoe into the world of RVing? What better way to test out the joys of motorized camping than by turning your vehicle into a mini RV?

Inspired by the compact genius of the famous Swiss Army Knife, the Switzerland-based company misC developed the swissRoomBox, a modular kit that turns your car into a camper.

What Is the swissRoomBox?

The swissRoomBox comes in two models, called the freeTech and easyTech. The freeTech measures about the size of a small carry-on suitcase. Simply snap together the interlocking pieces and your car (or van) turns into a comfortable sleeping area, complete with an outdoor dining table.

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The easyTech is a bit larger, and also offers a cooktop, bigger table area, and more storage.

At less than three feet long and two feet wide, the suit case-sized package will fit in almost any trunk.

freeTech roombox












In just a few moments, the pieces fold out and hinge together to create a stable eating area…

swissRoomBox freeTech

And lounging space right over the car’s seats.


Watch how easily the freeTech sets up when this couple goes for a short trip.

Original video by swissRoomBox

The freeTech retails for a little over $2,000.


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