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Photographer Bruce Barone Travels In A [email protected] Trailer Turned Mobile Photo Studio

You may have seen mobile photo booths at special events, but how about a teardrop trailer turned mobile photo studio? Bruce Barone of Bruce Barone Photography travels around the New England states shooting portraits, landscapes, cityscapes and beautiful weddings in his 2015 [email protected] Silver [email protected] S trailer.

Bruce’s [email protected] trailer doubles as a mobile photo studio.


Bruce picked up his mobile photo studio and shop on craigslist and originally used it as an office parked in his yard. His friend, who owns an Airstream, also uses his trailer as a garden office in California. Bruce figured he could do the same thing — he just kicked it up a notch.

The plan all along was to use it as an office and as a mobile photo studio by taking it to weddings, corporate events and art fairs/antique shows. I think it truly differentiates me in a very crowded marketplace.

Bruce is a photographer in the New England area.


The [email protected] Max teardrop has a U-shaped couch that turns into a bed, a small kitchen with a stove and refrigerator and a wet bath with shower, sink and toilet. The [email protected] are also known for their stereo, TV and speaker components. Bruce has added his own computer and printer to his mobile work space. He did take out the manufacturer table to make room for photo booth shots.

Bruce turned the [email protected] [email protected] into a mobile photo studio and office.



The [email protected] [email protected] S is one of the only [email protected] trailers with a wet bath and features the standard wall mounted AC unit, heat pump, 11 gallon fresh water tank, 19 gallon gray water tank and a 6 gallon black water tank. The [email protected] only weighs about 1,670 lbs. and can be towed with a light SUV or truck.

The [email protected] [email protected] S interior has a wet bath and a kitchen.



To market his business, Bruce added his logo to the outside of the stylish, silver trailer. He also has the ability to set up a studio outside the trailer to accommodate more people and creative backdrops. When he’s not working, Bruce and his wife take the [email protected] on camping trips.

Bruce said he chose the [email protected] “because it’s cool, shiny, and sexy.”


Bruce has worked as a corporate photographer, writer and marketing executive at Hearst Magazines (Good Housekeeping, Cosmo, Esquire, House Beautiful, Town & Country) and has shown in – and owned – several art galleries. He’s also a public speaker specializing in photography, design and marketing.




His focus areas include portrait, nature, food, interior design and documentary photography. Bruce also loves to shoot photos of pets and animals.

I begin and end all my conversations and photographic creations from a loving heart, adding something truly of enduring value to your life.

Bruce takes some time out to meditate in his mobile office.


See more of Bruce’s photography and purchase his prints at Bruce Barone Photography.

Photos by Bruce Barone

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