Overhead view of Modern RV Bathroom with toilet , sink area, and cabinets.

Why Does My RV Toilet Stink?

RV toilet stink happens in motorhomes, trailers, camper vans, and truck campers. Here’s how to troubleshoot the unpleasant odors and how to prevent them in the first place.

closeup of RV toilet at base - How Much Water Does An RV Toilet Use?

How Much Water Does An RV Toilet Use Per Flush?

Ever wonder, “How much water does an RV toilet use per flush?” Your RV toilet uses water from either city water or your RV freshwater tank to flush. It’s especially important to know when you’re boondocking!

inside a modern camper bathroom - Cover photo for RV Bathroom Remodeling Tips And Tricks

RV Bathroom Remodel Tips & Tricks

RV bathrooms are generally thought to be small, cramped, and unattractive. But if you try a few simple RV bathroom remodel ideas, you may find that the room can become a great addition to your living space!