Funny RV Shirt: RV There Yet?

  [asa]B0065KR9EE[/asa] I saw a family of 4 wearing their matching RV shirts like this at a cracker barrel and was very entertained. Thought it needed sharing. I know there … Read more

Funny RV: Forget Anything?

All great things to remember before leaving the RV park wouldnt you say? [asa]B0006MQJ02[/asa]  Source: FraserWayRV – Abby, Canada   Website

Funny RV Repair

Funny RV: Lend a Hand Repair

Many RV owners find themselves devising less than safe strategies for accessing and completing repair jobs. The questions is: Have you been as committed as the guys in the above … Read more

Funny RV Real Horse Power

Funny RV: Real Horse Power

RV’ers tend to boast about the power and towing ability of their trucks and motorhomes. It may be time to consider some Real Horse Power if you want to take … Read more

Redneck RV

Funny RV: Moonshiner or Mobile Antique Store?

I am not sure this qualifies as a funny RV since it looks a lot like the first RV I purchased 20 years ago. I know that I see a half dozen versions of this when I am driving through the foothills of the Appalachians. Anyone else curious about the handicap parking sign?

Redneck RV


Maybe I should do some research at the aptly named Moonshine Creek Campground! 


I Push RV

Funny RV: I Push RV

I have been to many RV shows and no one was every promoting this selling point. This motorhome has a unique feature. It has a tow vehicle look alike. Its not a tow vehicle at all, its actually a RV pusher according to its license plate (sorry for the rain clouding the photo). Its good to see people will spare no expense for a little funny RV.

I Push RV


RV On the Beach

Funny RV – RV on the Beach

For anyone that was curious or is considering parking their RV on the beach this could be of service. This handy video shows a great example of what the open road outdoor spirit of some RV’ers can lead to. This motorhome spent 4 hours stranded on the beach while they tried an array of unsuccessful attempts to get moving again. Finally once nightfall had set in the RV’er was back on the road but I would imagine not to embark on the beach again. I have mixed emotions about it, but one thing is for sure if it happened to me my friends would be knee slapping for quite some time.


If you have three of your close friends with one ton trucks then you have nothing to worry about. Have a look at the video below for an explanation.



When we tell our friends we want to RV on the beach I am sure this is not what we had in mind. Most of us are looking for something like the view below!

RV On the Beach