travel trailer renovation

Great Travel Trailer Renovations Project: 2 Part Series

Renovating a travel trailer isn’t for the faint of heart. Making even a small modification to a newer trailer takes guts. While many folks would have written off this old four-wheeled camper long ago, Billy saw potential.

The trailer had a leak in the roof and “…had been sitting for a long time.” He said nobody had been inside for over five years. 🙁

In the following two videos, you’ll get a preview of the trailer before Billy set to work, and follow along as he recaps all the major renovations. When all is said and done, you’d love to be the proud owner of this customized camper.

Part 1: Renovating an RV that was in rough shape.

Original video by UsaRcJets

Part 2: After the renovation and ready for the first weekend camping trip.

Original video by UsaRcJets

It takes quite a bit of perseverance to push through a project like this, and hats off to Billy for seeing it through to the end. The white exterior and black horizontal stripe will surely make this RV stand out at the campground (and rightfully so).

Billy also has a couple of other videos about this travel trailer in which he shows you how he renovated the bathroom and bedroom.