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Get A Tarot Reading In This Converted Food Truck

If you are ever in the Los Angeles area, you might think you have gone back in time when you see the food truck turned Romany caravan or “gypsy wagon” owned by Tarot card reader Erin K. Smith.

The Vardo Tarot was built from a former food truck.


Erin travels around the City of Angels in her colorful Vardo Tarot giving tarot card readings in a food truck that took a year to convert into a modern-day gypsy wagon. Erin parks the Vardo Tarot in different locations around the area, and she can be tracked via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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Erin K. Smith’s Vardo Tarot is a mobile Tarot reading cottage.


As a television set decorator, there’s no wonder this elegant little vardo is full of interesting and beautiful details. The large space holds her card reading table, chairs for her and clients, wood storage cabinets with stained glass windows and objet d’art from cultures all over the world. More stained glass windows, a custom inlaid wood floor and arched ceiling add detail to the space.

The interior features an inlaid wood floor, curved roof and beautiful art.


The exterior of the Vardo Tarot has Erin’s custom “Vardo Tarot” logo and a curved wooden set of stairs to access the inside. The back doors contain stained glass that represent the seven chakras of body energy.

The Vardo’s stained glass doors represent the seven chakras.


“Tarot reading is old, it’s uncertain what its true origins are. The first written reference to it occurs roughly around the 14th century. It was believed that it began in Egypt. That is why the word “gypsy” is used to describe the nomadic tribes of people who carried the Tarot from place to place, usually in caravans they lived and worked out of. I basically married the history of Tarot with the contemporary phenomenon of food truck culture. It seemed like the right thing to do.”

Erin has been interested in the Tarot since she was 15 years old.


Erin became interested in the Tarot when she was 15 years old. She had a childhood friend who kept a deck from the 1970’s wrapped in silk in a carved wooden box. Erin has been continuing her Tarot skills with a teacher who has been reading the cards for the last thirty years. Erin is also a Master Reiki practitioner and sells handmade talismans in her shop.

Erin’s Tarot readings are held in the Vardo Tarot and range in length and cost.


Her Tarot readings range in length and cost from $30 for a 20 minute reading to $120 for a 90 minute reading.

Photos by Erin K. Smith/Vardo Tarot