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A Look Inside The Popular [email protected] 400 (Now Available In The U.S.)

Fans of smaller, lightweight trailers in the U.S. will have more to cheer about. The nüCamp RV company (designers and manufacturers of the Cirrus truck camper) are bringing the popular [email protected] 400 camper to the states.

nüCamp RV’s [email protected] 400 brings the European design to U.S. roads.

T@B 400
[email protected] 400 photos by nüCamp RV

Europe has a leg up in the lightweight trailer department and have been producing campers and “caravans” for their smaller vehicles for decades. The U.S. has been slower to catch on. However, companies like nüCamp see the benefit in the European styling and technology and want to bring it to U.S. highways and campgrounds.

The interior of the 400 features separate sleeping and dining areas.

T@B 400

nüCamp CEO Scott Hubble wanted to bring a larger model of the cute [email protected] camper to the market and felt the 400 featured what many lightweight trailer fans would want in a stylish package. In addition, the 400 is still under 2,500 lb.

“There is a massive gap between the [email protected] and the “next step up” in high quality travel trailers. Currently, no one is occupying that space.  Obviously, we want to retain all of our [email protected] clients that are “graduating” as well as appeal to the larger market.” — nüCamp CEO Scott Hubble

The queen bed features a rear window for ventilation and light.

T@B 400

The [email protected] 400 is longer than the original [email protected] trailer to accommodate a separate bed and dining space. The curved, two seat dining area can be made into a cozy bed for one. In addition, the rear queen bed can fit two people comfortably with a large window above the bed for ventilation.

The dining area can be converted into a single bed.

T@B 400

The galley kitchen features a large sink, two-burner stove, Norcold three-way refrigerator, and a Fantastic Fan. A wet bath is next to the kitchen, with a fold-up sink & swinging faucet, an RV toilet, and a handheld shower nozzle. Next to the wet bath is a full-length closet with shelving.

The innovative door has storage, a garbage container, and a fire extinguisher.

T@B 400

A few innovative ideas have been integrated into the 400. The front window by the dining area can be opened, the potable water tank port can be locked, and the front door contains space to store garbage and a small fire extinguisher.

The [email protected] 400 also has a full closet with shelving.

T@B 400

The 400 also features the [email protected]’s signature round windows, pull-down screens and shades, integrated audio and video system, and a pivoting TV at the foot of the bed.

The wet bath has a drop-down sink that can be stored against the wall.

T@B 400

Check out this video from Haydocy Airstream & RV on Youtube for a closer look at the [email protected] 400 trailers:

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