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Adorable Couple Shares Photos Of Their Teardrop Camping Lifestyle

Do you hate mosquitos, leaky tents, and uncomfortably warm temperatures? Well that’s what you have to deal with when you camp in a tent. Before you go out and spend tens of thousands of dollars on a large, custom fifth wheel trailer or motorhome, consider another type of small RV: the teardrop camper.

While making a mid-life career change to a nomadic full-time RVing lifestyle has lots of benefits, many RVers choose to camp on the weekends or during holidays. While a teardrop camper doesn’t have the room, full-size shower facilities, or luxurious electrical systems of larger rigs, you don’t need all that for weekend camping.

This couple made a short video slideshow of a trip with their teardrop camper. You’ll experience what the teardrop camping lifestyle is all about!

Insider’s look at the teardrop lifestyle.

(Source: YouTube)

Wow, they should definitely use teardrop trailers instead of pup tents in the Boy Scouts. This would have been a lot more comfortable than sweating it out in a leaky pup tent.

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