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You Won’t Believe How Thetford Tests Their RV Wastewater Tote Tanks

Thetford makes all sorts of RV camping and sanitation products. The toilet in your RV is highly likely to be a Thetford, for example.

One type of product that many campers enjoy is their line of wastewater totes. These portable, wheeled trollies conveniently (and un-messily) move waste from your RV to the nearest dump station.

Why Use a Waste Tank Tote?

Waste tank totes are ideal if you’re hooked up at the RV park for a long time, and don’t want to unhook and drive to the waste dump each time you need to empty your tanks.

Thetford’s SmartTote 2 tank comes ready to use outside of the box. While you might not want to subject your SmartTote 2 to the same rigorous testing conditions, at least you know you’ll be safe dragging waste clear across the RV park if need be.

This waste tank tote has several features that make it especially sanitary to use including:

  • a strap that keeps the sewer hose locked down while you’re pulling (don’t want any mess flinging around as you walk)
  • rubber wheels that provide easy transport over asphalt, cement, and grass surfaces
  • improved venting which aids in waste transfer, sort of like a beer can with the wide pour mouth

You can choose from a 12 gallon (doesn’t come with hose), 18 gallon, 27 gallon, or 35 gallon tank.

Here’s a video of the tote in action.

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