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Tiny House RV on Wheels to Make A Truly Mobile Home

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To look at this Tiny House RV you would never believe it was designed, sourced, and constructed by a young couple who simply were looking for a simpler life. They took the initiative and created not only a fantastic example of simple living but one of the most unique and incredible ‘Home on Wheels” I have witnessed.

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Malissa and Christopher Tack are the ones responsible for the creation of this Tiny House RV in spite of the fact that they had no formal training in construction. “The Tiny Tack House” as they Tack’s call it has all the modern amenities of an RV like a kitchen, living room, bathroom, and even a sleeping loft. It comes in at 140 square feet. The house has four solar panels and a 40 gallon fresh water tank.‘We just had some basic shop class skills from High School’, Malissa Tack explains on their website.


The Tiny House RV Creation was masterminded by Malissa, a 3D artist, and Christopher, a graphic designer and photographer who became infatuated with the “tiny home” trend becoming very popular right now (dont believe me? Google it)

Malissa and Christopher spent seven months to to build thier Tiny House RV with limited help from professionals or friends. Its an incredible feat when you consider thier backgrounds, age, and the fact they both have full time work to attend to.

If your interested in doing something like this (I didn’t until I saw it) you can visit their blog and purchase the house plans to get started and see the hundreds of photos of every phase of construction on their blog.


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