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5 Tiny Kitchen Hacks That Are Pure Magic For Your RV


5 Tiny Kitchen Hacks That Are Pure Magic For Your RV

RVs are great because amenities like your kitchen and bath can travel with you for maximum convenience and comfort. But, unless you have a mega motor coach with an upscale gourmet galley, you probably don’t have a lot of room to store things in your RV’s kitchen.

Add to that the rigors of the road and things have a tendency to end up in places you did not put them. Here are five simple hacks designed for small kitchens that will work brilliantly in your RV or travel trailer kitchen.

1. Kitchen wraps organizer

Nearly every kitchen in America has a drawer filled with foil, zipper baggies, and plastic wrap. It’s kind of awkward to store and it takes up a lot of precious drawer space. Why not use an office organizer, or a cereal box mod covered with fabric or decorative paper, to move your wraps from the flat drawer?

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Keep your kitchen wraps organized. Photo via Amazon

A flat drawer is arguably better for utensils and odds and ends while the countertop, closet, cabinet, or shelf can keep this stylish homemade storage box within easy reach.

2. Magnetic spice holders

Since things in shelves travel as you travel – back and forth, click! clack! – you need some way to secure small items like spice containers, or they will make a mess, drive you crazy, or both.

Stick them back on your fridge when you’re done. Photo: Amazon

You can purchase a set of magnetic spice holders online or simply make your own as needed. Here is a simple tutorial for combining some storage tins, magnetic strips, labels, and some decorative trim for a cute, cabinet door spice rack that is perfect for RVs.

3. Magnetic knife holder

You’ve likely seen this in a kitchen before, but in the mobile environment of an RV, this knife storage solution also brings an element of added safety to the table.

Simply purchase a magnetic tool holder or specialty knife strips, mount them to any stable, vertical surface, such as the inside of a cabinet door, and voila! Your knives stay where you put them, not tangled up with spatulas in the bottom of a drawer, or scattered out of the knife block from that nasty swerve you took.

This one was cut from oak scraps.

Magnetic knife holder. Photo: Amazon

4. Hanging jar storage

My grandpa used to have rows of baby food jars with their lids screwed to the bottom of every shelf in his garage. These jars kept nuts and bolts out of the way but within easy reach.

While baby food jars don’t help much with larger kitchen storage, mason jars will. Instead of cabinet top canisters that can slide and break, mount the lids to several quart-sized jars under your cabinets for dry goods storage that will hold enough supplies for a decent length camping trip.

5. Pots and pans on a pegboard

Even in a large kitchen, stacking pots and pans in a cabinet is a hassle at best. You have to dig for what you want and end up taking out more pans than you can use.

Overhead pot racks are great, but if pans swing, they can fall, which in RV land is a hazard. So, why not use a sheet of pegboard and some hooks? Mount it on a wall, cabinet, or closet door for easy access. While you’re at it, add a second section for all those tools that are constantly missing just when you need them!

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