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Tiny Motorcycle Camper Transforms From Storage Trailer To Teardrop-Like Sleep Space

Tim Mazac is a retired Army veteran who loves to ride his motorcycle through the American Southwest. After too many nights in old hotels, he had a dream to create a simple, portable bed that could be towed behind his beloved bike.

Tim Mazac’s Idaho Bedroll camper can be towed behind a motorcycle.

Idaho Bedroll

Mazac wasn’t pleased with other motorcycle teardrop campers since they required too much work from his problematic wrists. His Idaho Bedroll trailer breaks the mold with a patent pending design that is easy to set up and allows for comfortable sleeping in the fresh air.

The Idaho Bedroll motorcycle camper opens up to reveal a twin bed.

Idaho Bedroll

The Idaho Bedroll is a cargo trailer that turns into a sleeping bunk that is large enough for a 6 foot 3 inch rider. With just a quick yank, the trailer opens into a simple bed and closes up again with a quick push.

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See the Video of the Idaho Bedroll in action

The camper also has a tiny cooking galley and a cargo box on the tongue.

Idaho Bedroll

The prototype (named “Spud”) of this little trailer is only 123 lb. and with all electronics like shore power units, an air compressor and other gear the trailer comes to around 150-160 lb.

Mazac’s personal camper is a prototype for a new trailer design.

Idaho Bedroll

The head and tail of the trailer cover up Mazac’s head and legs, but his body is exposed to the elements. This trailer is primarily used for open air sleeping, but packing a small rain canopy or EZ-Up shelter to cover up the bed area is possible.

The Idaho Bedroll only weighs between 123 and 160 lbs.

Idaho Bedroll

The cargo bed is 24 by 34 inches and it has legs that drop down to support the steel frame, a plywood shell and a skin made from recycled milk jugs. Most of the weight is held by the galley in the rear and cargo box in the front.

The perfect combination for exploring the country.

Idaho Bedroll

The back of the trailer opens up to reveal a galley that can be used for cooking or storage. The front cargo box is available for storage of clothing, tools, food and other camp amenities.

The Idaho Bedroll can be ordered through Mazac’s website.

Idaho Bedroll

Mazac plans on producing more Idaho Bedroll trailers that will be made with steel and aluminum frames, foam composite shells and torsion half-axles. The trailers start at $4,900.

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