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When A Tire On Their Motorhome Blew Out, This Family Had Only Seconds To Escape

Motorhome tire blowout fire
Ross Thompson

Taking good care of your RV’s tires (both in storage and while in use) will help to ensure they have a long, useful service life.

Tire blowouts often come with a terrifyingly loud pop. While this motorhome owner was driving from Florida to Michigan, his right front tire exploded.

Almost immediately, a fire erupted in the wheel well that quickly spread to the rest of the motorhome.

Thankfully, Ross Thompson, an RV technician on his way to another job, just happened to be in the area. The technician helped the man unhook the towed vehicle and rescue his wife and daughter through a rear window of the motorhome.

I noticed when I was yelling there was a foot sticking out the window so I stopped, ran across, rescued a mom and her daughter, and got them out

CNN’s affiliate WESH has the exclusive video at this link…

CNN: Family stuck inside burning RV

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