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Tow A Vehicle With Wheels Locked And This Disaster Might Happen To You

This post was updated on March 19th, 2024

Thanks to eagle-eyed DoItYourselfRV reader, AJ D., for alerting us to this absolute wreck of a wheel.

This wheel belongs to a poor towed vehicle that was dragged mercilessly for miles. Why did such carnage occur? The driver of the RV forgot to put the towed vehicle in neutral!

Melted wheel rim

It’s amazing how the wheel simply melted away after what must have been a dramatic (and spark-filled) trip.

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Here’s what one commenter on reddit had to say when asked if it’s a bad idea to tow a vehicle with all four wheels on the ground,

The ones you see flat towing are designed for that and people purchase flat towable cars and model years specifically.

An all wheel drive vehicle we have to flat tow has a small procedure ( hold selector knob in a position for 30 seconds ) to disengage the transfer case. It then tows flat perfectly.

Once the vehicle is behind the RV weighing 35,000+lbs having 450 Hp and the Toad as it is referred to behind, you can’t tell it’s there. Although you see the toad in the rear RV camera, you can only see the hood. I can’t even see the sides of the toad in the mirror unless i take a corner.

Every 50 miles or so I make a slight fishtail move to make the toad visible down the sides to view the tires. But there is no way you would know if a tire blew. There are tire pressure monitors for toads, they are ok, but most are not very reliable due to wireless signal problems between the toad and the RV. But to answer the flat tow question. It takes about 20 seconds to hook and unhook a flat tow. It’s really really easy.

I have also used a trailer and it’s a PITA, loading, unloading, tie downs then when you get to the RV park you have to find a place for the trailer and many parks charge 10-15.00/ day for a trailer stored on property.

A trailer also requires initial purchase, tags, inspection, tires and additional insurance. I can pull into a parking lot, unhook the flat tow in 20 seconds, go for supplies or sight seeing and then hook back up and go.

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