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Watch This Out-Of-Control Trailer Flip And Crash On The Highway

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There are simple mistakes everyone makes as a new RVer, like forgetting to put the antenna down.  But there are other mistakes, like unevenly distributing the weight on your trailer, that are not so forgiving.

One RVer recently learned this the hard way.  While driving the Garden State Parkway, their trailer began swaying until it swerved into traffic and overturned.  Miraculously, their SUV didn’t flip over with it and nobody was injured from the crash.

Nick Brinson was just behind them when this happened and caught it all on video:


Distributing your cargo evenly is key to safe towing.  The tongue weight of your trailer should be evenly distributed across both axles of your tow vehicle.  You may also want to invest in sway bars for more support.  Read this post for more info on why trailer tongue weight matters.

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  1. Thanks for posting this! And Nick, you are a very calm person — no swearing as the guy flips over in front of you. Amazing!

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