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This Trailer Tongue Weight Scale Could Save Your Life

Do you know your trailer tongue weight? You should, because it could safe your life. A trailer with too much or too little weight on the tongue is an accident waiting to happen — like this:

Why trailer tongue weight matters

The hitch receiver connecting your tow vehicle to the trailer has a certain amount of static force placed on it whenever you tow. That static force changes depending on where you load your cargo and how heavy it is. Even adding a few gallons of water can potentially overload your trailer tongue.

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Does this trailer towing problem look familiar?

trailer tongue weight

When this happens, two things can happen when you’re rolling down the road:

  1. Too little tongue weight will make the trailer “fishtail” and sway side to side. Within seconds you could lose control.
  2. Too much tongue weight overloads the rear tires and makes handling and braking difficult if not impossible in certain driving situations.

Every vehicle and hitch manufacturer knows exactly how much weight is safe for towing. Those guildelines are in every vehicle and hitch operation manual, but let’s get real: when was the last time you consulted the manual before you hit the road?

How a trailer tongue weight scale eliminates risk

An overweight trailer tongue is a lawsuit waiting to happen. If you have an accident while your trailer tongue weight exceeds those safety limits, you could be 100% liable for damages to you and anything or anyone you crash into.

Driving and towing experts agree that tongue weight should be no less than 10 percent and no more than 15 percent of gross trailer weight (GTW). For the average driver, finding that sweet spot is time-consuming and cumbersome.

Finding trailer tongue weight is a hassle.

trailer tongue weight

Until now the best way to know your vehicle’s safe trailer tongue weight was to literally rest the tongue on a bathroom scale (for small trailers) or drive to a truck stop scale (for RVs). Even though doing so is critical for safety, most people never bother because it’s such a hassle.

The majority of trailer owners get on the road with a wing and a prayer and never know if their vehicle is within safe trailer tongue limits. But a new towing product gives us no more excuses to ignore safe trailer tongue weight limits.

This scale helps you avoid exceeding a safe trailer tongue weight.

trailer tongue weight

The Weigh Safe Trailer Drop Hitch lets you know if your towing is risky or safe, just by looking at it. It’s the world’s only ball-mounted hitch with a built-in scale that measures tongue weight and eliminates the need for cumbersome weighing procedures. It can help you distribute your load so your tongue weight is at an optimal level for safe towing.

Weigh Safe has a locking mechanism too.

trailer tongue weight

Weigh Safe was created by Kevin McAllister, the same guy who designed mechanical arms for garbage trucks. His invention has saved cities hundreds of thousands of dollars by designing an arm that could be retrofitted on existing garbage trucks. Now he wants to save lives with the Weigh Safe — maybe even yours!

More information about the Weigh Safe hitch:

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