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5 Tips For Starting A Travel Blog And Sharing Your Adventures Online

So you want to start a travel blog. You have grand visions of sharing awesome photos and engaging stories with your friends, family and random online strangers. Maybe you want to earn a few extra bucks to fund your travels, pick up some sponsors, or showcase your amazing photography skills.

Whatever your motivation, starting a travel blog is easier than you might think. These days there are numerous blog services that make starting a blog simple and accessible for anyone. Really…anyone can do it.

I started my travel blog nearly four years ago when my husband and I moved full-time into our Airstream trailer. I was not an expert on technology, nor was I well versed in terms such as SEO, plugins, or domain names. But I learned as I went, and surprisingly it was easier than I ever would have thought.

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Travel Blog

Here are five simple tips for starting a travel blog.

1. Define Your Focus and Find Your Passion

A travel blog can suit many purposes. I initially started blogging to keep my friends and family up to date on my whereabouts.

Other people want a place to showcase their photography, videography, or writing skills.

Some want to network and meet other travelers, and still others strive for fame, fortune, and riches through blogging.

Whatever your goal, try to have a clear focus in the beginning and set your blog up to fill that purpose.

Of course, chances are good that your blogging focus may change over time. Many travel bloggers transition from strictly narrative style writing to “How To” informative posts after they have a few years of traveling under their belts.

The key is to find your passion and use that as the main focus.

Maybe you love hiking, visiting unique museums, eating at funky local diners, or discovering off-the-beaten path places to camp. Write about those things!

The more passion you have for what you write about the more interesting the post will be, and the more people will want to read it.