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5 Ideas You Can’t Live Without If You’re Traveling In An RV With Your Dog

This post was updated on March 15th, 2024

One of the benefits of traveling by RV is the ability to bring along your furry best friend. But traveling with dogs can be challenging. Dogs aren’t allowed everywhere you go, and it can be dangerous to leave them alone in the RV all day while you go out and explore. Even if you keep the air conditioning running, a power outage could put your dogs in an RV oven, leading to heat stroke or even death.

What to do with your dog while camping?

Instead of leaving them at home or in the camper, here are few other options to consider:

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1. Plan a Dog Friendly Day

David King, owner of Lake George RV Park which features a large dog park, says the number one tip for traveling with your dog is, “A well exercised dog is a happy dog – and then so is the entire family.  The confinements of RV’s are on an issue when a dog has been cooped up for too long. Getting your dog out for walk and play time will tire them out so they will rest easy on the campsite and allow their masters more time for other fun activities.”

Many RV parks now have dog parks, like this one at the Lake George RV Park.

Dog Playing at Dog Park while camping.
Lake George RV Park

Hiking, visiting the beach, going to the park, these are all things that are likely on your to do list anyhow, so why not take your dog along? Many hiking trails allow and even encourage dogs. Most cities, and some rv parks, now have dog parks as well. Check the website for campsites, parks, beaches, tours, historical sites, and more dog friendly outings categorized by state and city.

2. Eat at a Dog Friendly Restaurant

Did you know your dog is often welcome to join you on the patio for dining out? Some places have special menu items just for your furry friend. Do a quick internet search for places that allow dogs to dine-in, and you’ll be surprised how many options you have. Check out the website BringFido, type in the zip code and it will bring up a list of places for you and your four legged buddy to dine together.

Dining out can be a fun outing while vacationing, and you can even bring your dog many places.

Dining out with your dog can be a fun outing while traveling by rv

3. Shop at a Dog Friendly Store

Lots of downtown areas are dog friendly, and your well-behaved pet is allowed to shop right beside you in many antique stores, book shops, and boutiques across the country.

Many stores allow your dog to shop by your side.

You don't have to leave your dog behind in the camper when you make a supply run
Some major chains are pet friendly too. Did you know that your dog is welcome to shop with you not only at Petsmart, but also Home Depot, Barnes & Noble, Bass Pro Shops, Tractor Supply, Macy’s and Old Navy? You can stock up on supplies for the camper, and enjoy quality time with your dog. Some variation in policy occurs from store to store, so call ahead to make sure your dog is welcome.

4. Send Your Dog to the Groomer

Living in small spaces with a pet can be smelly. Why not schedule a dog grooming session during the heat of the day while you are out doing other things? Most groomers need your dog to remain with them for several hours, so you can rest assured your dog is in good hands while you are away. Plus he will smell much better at the end of the day.

Keeping your dog well groomed while traveling in an RV makes life more enjoyable for everyone, and is a great way to keep your dog busy for a few hours.

Keeping a dog well groomed can make RV travel more enjoyable for everyone

5. Send Your Dog to Doggie Day Care.

Many veterinarian offices offer day boarding, and most towns have dog boarding facilities with a doggie day care option. Some Petsmart locations now have Doggie Day Camp. Most places offer a bath and play time while you are away, so it’s like a vacation day for your dog.

If you must leave your dog in the RV while you area away, consider crating them in an appropriately sized kennel. Many fold flat for easy storage under your dinette or bed when not in use, and it will make sure your dog (and your RV) are safe when you return!


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