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This New Treehouse Camper Fits On Any Type Of Truck

The new Treehouse camper from Snap! Outfitters can fit on any type of truck from Tacoma to Tundra.  Each one is custom built with durable, weatherproof materials and measurements from the exact make, model, and year of your truck.  They simply attach to the side walls of your truck bed with a sleeping platform that raises above the truck cabin.

truck camper
The Snap Treehouse fits any truck bed.  Photos courtesy of Snap Outfitters

You can easily access the carpeted sleeping deck a few steps up from your truck bed, rather than a long narrow ladder like other pop-up tent campers. The lower space also gives you a chance to take off your muddy shoes or wet jacket before climbing up into your dry bed.

truck camper

With an aluminum outer shell and tough HarborTime Edge marine fabric, the Treehouse is an all-season camper and was designed with off-road enthusiasts in mind.  This durable material is weatherproof in the wind and rain and it insulates the inside from heat in the summer.

truck camper

The camper’s lid is built with a T-channel running down each side so you can mount roof racks. There are also side hatch doors and rear doors that lock when you’re in transit.

truck camper

You can open or close the camper in seconds with its four hydraulic pistons.  Two are designed to open and close the lid while the other two help raise the sleeping deck.


The overhead sleeping platform houses a full-size memory foam mattress and is well-lit with white and red LED lighting.  For airflow, the camper’s made with two windows with three layers: a clear poly layer, an insect screen, and an opaque layer for privacy.

truck camper

Snap! Outfitters builds the Treehouse campers at their location just outside of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  With each order they ask for specific measurements to make sure the camper will fit perfectly.  There are also optional features for additional costs like a cab slider window or the paint to match the color of your truck.

This short 30-second clip from Snap! Outfitters gives a closer look:

You can learn more about the Treehouse camper and veteran-owned business on their website

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