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Two Story RV: A Travel Trailer with 2 Floors and Walk Out Balcony

Much like our ancestors who first built their clay hut homes, it wasn’t long before they wanted to add a second floor to it. One of the few frontiers where we have yet to bring the second floor to the mainstream is in RV design. When you cant build them any longer or wider you are left with only one direction to go. That is right, UP! Recently we learned that back in 2007 a Swedish manufacturer of caravans (That’s what they call RV’s across the pond) by the name of “Kabe” introduced the Royal Tower, a two story RV. The Kabe Royal Tower was a true innovation with its air conditioned full sized second story that featured a living area plus a walk out balcony.

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The Creator of the Two Story RV

Kabe has been manufacturing caravans since the early 1960’s. They have developed a reputation for all-seasons designs that consider some of the climate concerns that are common to residents of Scandinavia. They use highly engineered designs to achieve comfort in all climates. For example, they pioneered the use of an unique heating system with hollow plastic studs that double as air ducts. They still build their caravans in the same area where they started. They pride themselves on quality, building only 400 campers per year.


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Two Story RV: Exterior and Floor Plan

Their two story RV design is unlike anything we have seen except for a homemade two story camper version. There are some two story motorhomes available, yet only if you are willing to part ways with a half million dollars or more. This two story RV from Kabe was available for sale for 105,000 Euros ($144,000). Though not a cheap two story RV, it is much more affordable than the 2 million dollar RV that Will Smith calls home on the road.

Two Story RV: Interior


That price tag is more than just the second story. The interior is incredible. It looks more like the inside of a private jet or yacht than a RV. This two story RV features leather appointed seats, surround sound, 4 burner cooktop, dishwasher, and hot tub (just kidding). Not to mention in interior design looks like something out of an IKEA showroom (accident? We think not).

If you couldn’t tell from the photos, this two story monster is big. It stands about 15’ tall at the second story and nearly 32’ long. It seems that Texas is not the only place that likes things BIG.

It is a shame that we may never see one out side of Scandinavia. But, clearly a two story RV can be done even though it is far too tall to fit under most bridges. Regardless, there is still hope that RV owners may come to have a second story RV yet.

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