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UFOs And Aliens Take Center Stage For Nevada Bound RVers At This Roadside Attraction

If ET was RVing in Nevada and he could Yelp about his favorite earthbound watering hole, he would give the Little A’le’Inn Restaurant and Motel in Rachel a five star review. Nowhere else on earth are aliens and UFOs right at home alongside ranchers, cows and tourists.

The truth is out there: at the Little A’Le’Inn!

RVing in Nevada
Rene Agredano

If you happen to be anywhere near The Las Vegas Strip, be sure to add this little roadside gem to your list of must-see American attractions.

Are UFOs Myth or Reality? You Decide at the Little A’le’Inn

Forget the glitz of Las Vegas, you’ll find more interesting entertainment if you fill up your gas tank and point your rig north on the world’s only ExtraTerrestrial Highway. Just keep your eyes peeled for wandering cows, as this is open range beef country.

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Drive the world’s only ET Highway.

RVing in Nevada
Rene Agredano

About two hours after leaving The Las Vegas Strip you’ll arrive in the tiny ranching town of Rachel, a quirky little place in the loneliest of Nevada’s sparse desert areas. It’s a place where UFO buffs have gathered for decades, located just 25 miles outside the U.S. government’s most top-secret aircraft and weapons testing grounds.

You’re way out there in Rachel, Nevada.

RVing in Nevada
Rene Agredano

Rachel used to have a tungsten mine and about 500 residents, but today fewer than 100 live there. Anyone RVing in Nevada who didn’t know about its unusual reputation as ground zero for alien life forms and frightening military experiments would take one look at the rustic scenery and keep driving.

But this rural town’s proximity to unexplained UFO phenomena has turned it into a mecca for Hollywood movie crews, UFO buffs, astronomers and conspiracy theory junkies from around the world. And when they get here, there’s only one place for them to talk shop: at the Little A’le’Inn Restaurant and Motel of course!

UFO movies like “Independence Day” are filmed here.

RVing in Nevada
Rene Agredano

“The events and unidentified flying objects we see and only hear at times in this area often leave us shaking our heads,” write the Little A’le’Inn’s proprietors on their website.

Welcome, Earthlings RVing in Nevada!

The Little A’le’Inn is Rachel’s pride and joy – and the town’s only business now that the gas station is closed. Founded in 1990 by Pat and Joe Travis, this quirky little watering hole embraces its worldwide reputation as a place where conversations about paranormal activity and UFO sightings happen daily.

Order up at the Inn’s full bar and cozy All-American cafe.

RVing in Nevada

Mosey up to the bar any time of year, order up your cocktail of choice and peruse the Inn’s mammoth collection of real news stories about aliens, local military regalia and ET goodies from UFO toilet paper to alien goo. When you arrive, the first question that Connie, Pat’s daughter and now co-owner of the Little A’le’Inn, asks is “Where ya from?” Locals hang out here too, but there’s always more out-of-state plates in the big RV-friendly parking lot.

UFOS and RVs are always welcome.

RVing in Nevada
Rene Agredano

But the locals won’t bite, everyone is so nice to visitors. Just look around inside and you’ll notice that most folks are smiling. Not because they’ve just endured an alien lobotomy, or because the food is so tasty, but because they came here for a reason – in search of one of the quirkiest and most genuine slices of offbeat life in America.

“Look up as the truth lies there. Always keep your eyes to the skies whenever you can. You just never know when that special event will happen. At those times there may be no answers, leaving you only to wonder what just happened or what you saw, and having to ask more questions… getting no answers. Life is a mystery, enjoy the ride.” – Pat and Connie Travis, proprietors, the Little A’le’Inn.

The Little A’le’Inn Restaurant and Motel is open every day except major holidays.

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