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Unique RV: New Meaning to Pop-Outs on a Travel Trailer


If you have ever been to a RV show you know there are no shortage of RV ideas out there.

Perpetual innovation; for better or for worse. Its mostly incremental in my opinion with big steps forward being rare.

This creation was brought my attention and I have to say it’s quite a unique RV.

It’s a pop up camper that is crossed with a travel trailer to create a very interesting and unusual use of space.

Clearly this is a minimalistic design. The result would be an extremely lightweight RV. Something tells me that this design would lend itself to much more livable space for its weight than many others in its class.

There would be some concern of the durability given that one side looks to be canvas and the other some type rigid plastic. Of course there are probably a few out there that might spring for something like this just for the nature of owning a unique rv.


Unique RV: New Meaning to Pop-Outs on a Travel Trailer

unique slideouts on this camper

This is where the story ends as I could not find much more information regarding this design or its whereabouts. What you see is very much all we get. Regardless I thought it was interesting enough to share with our readers.

Much like other unique RV designs, it makes me think that we have still only scratched the surface on the relationship RV’s have to usable space, weight, and design.


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